Wednesday, December 17, 2008

FINALLY, right?! (Part 2)

Okay, so this is a continuation of the below posting. The picture of the three of us was taken on our first Thanksgiving with Micah. Thanksgiving is an extra special holiday for us since Chris proposed to me on Thanksgiving two years ago! The picture of Micah in the Jordan outfit is one of Chris' favorites! Chris bought this whole outfit while we were up in Minneapolis visiting my grandma and went to the Mall of America. The outfit is complete with warm-up jacket and Air Jordans!! It is the only outfit that Chris has splurged on! The third picture is of our precious little sound asleep in his crib. He has been sleeping so well lately - knock on wood!! And, of course, the final two pictures are ones that Chris and I took for Micah's first Christmas. Well, there's my update everyone! Hope you enjoyed it!

FINALLY, right?!

I know, it has been forever since I last posted - I hear about it every day at work! Thanks, girls!! So here it is!! As you can see, Micah was a hot dog for Halloween! My sister found this costume and thought it was perfect since my dad worked for Hormel! My mom found Chris and me costumes to dress up like ketchup and mustard bottles! Micah went for his first ride in the combine with Chris. We're sure this is only the first of many, many rides!! Micah loved it! He fell asleep immediately, but soon woke up and was enthralled with watching the corn. We've also started Micah on rice cereal, which he does AMAZING with, if I do say so myself! The high chair that he's sitting in is the one that my parents had for my sister and me to use when we were babies. The last picture in this post is one of Micah belly laughing at something Daddy is doing! Chris, Micah, and I went on a weekend trip to Omaha to do our Christmas shopping and Micah was such a trooper! To be continued...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tagged ~ Memory Loss Meme

I was also tagged by Natalie for this fun meme (go ahead and make fun of me, but I don't know what a "meme" is!). Here's what you have to do. You need to open your sixth photo folder, and open the sixth photo, and you need to post it. And you need to hope that you remember what it is!!!!

This picture was taken in my apartment when I lived in Albuquerque, NM for 3 months while doing a fieldwork rotation at a therapeutic horseback riding clinic for OT school. Please notice the boxes used as an entertainment center and DVD tower/bookcase! The futon that you see on the right side of the picture served as our couch by day and my bed at night! You might be wondering what I'm doing with my pink tool set! I was making a nailboard for the kids at the clinic to stretch rubberbands over to make shapes, letters, numbers, etc. to strengthen their hands. Not too exciting, but this picture sure brings back memories!

Okay, I guess I'll tag Kelsey, Bobbi, and Leah! Be clean with the pictures, girls!

Tagged ~ 7 little facts about me (us)

Okay, so I've been tagged by Rachelle and Delanie to share 7 secrets or facts about me. I'm going to include Chris in this because I shouldn't be the only one to share my secrets! Just kidding, I think I'm actually pretty boring because the secrets/facts that I thought of aren't really all that exciting! Sorry, but here goes:

1. Chris and I met on a blind date. We were engaged within 5 months of dating, married within 9 months of being engaged, and had our first baby within about 10 months of being married!! No, we're not trying to break records!!
2. In the 2-1/2 years of knowing each other, Chris and I have been to 7 states - our goal is to go to all 50 states together. I have a personal goal to go to at least 5 of the 7 continents and I've been to 4 of them (North America - obviously!, South America, Europe, and Africa). I'll let Chris pick which of the other three that he'll take me to someday!!
3. I, like Delanie and apparently most of the other girls at work, also count stairs as I go up and down them and I don't like when there are exactly 13 - it bothers me, like it's a bad omen or something!!
4. If we have a girl, her name will be Sadie Julianne - now that you know, don't anyone take it!! We got that name because one day Chris' dad was talking about the dog that Chris had in college and her name was Sadie and it stuck with me! I'm not too happy to tell people that if we have a daughter, she'll be named after a dog, but that's what makes this a secret!!
5. I have a brown speck in the iris of my left eye. It makes my sister's eyes water if she catches a glimpse of it! It's small, but because she knows it's there, she notices it!!
6. I like to put peanut butter on hot dogs and on bologna sandwiches (I get that from my dad) and everyone in our family likes SPAM - don't knock it until you try it! My dad worked for Hormel so we're very proud of SPAM! Kelsey, I know you'll appreciate this one!!
7. I apparently like to end sentences with two exclamation marks instead of one. Go ahead, go back and check numbers 1-6!!

Okay, now I guess I will tag Bobbi and Leah! No pressure, girls, but it is fun!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Our big little guy!

Sorry it's been awhile since I've posted. Micah is now 3 months old - 2 months adjusted for all of you therapists out there! He's smiling, laughing, "talking," and trying to play more with us! He's also awake A LOT throughout the day. We've used words such as squirmy, feisty, and nosy, and those words couldn't be more true as he grows older. This picture was taken at 4:00am! Micah typically wakes up somewhere between 2:00 and 4:00 am to eat, but mostly to play! He laughs and squeals and watches TV as Chris or I will try to get him to go back to sleep, mostly so we can go back to sleep! We love this picture, though, because it shows what a wonderfully fun and energetic baby we have!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Micah was baptized today! It was a beautiful day for the baptism! Micah did very well during the service and just fussed a little when the baptismal water was put over his head, though in his defense, it was very cold! We then had a brunch for our families in our new garage. Thank goodness for the garage - with just our two families, even with a few missing, we still had 23 people there, including 3 babies! I've learned how to add pictures! The first picture is of Micah with his cake, which he can't enjoy yet (kind of cruel!), the second is of our little family, of course, and the third is of Micah tuckered out after the party! I'm starting to get the hang of this, so hopefully you won't be too bombarded with pictures of Micah!

Friday, September 26, 2008

New edition!!

Hi, everyone! I'm very new to all of this, but several of my friends have websites, so I guess I should do one too to stay in the loop! Hopefully, I can keep up on it, because it'll be a great way to keep up with all of you, especially those of you who we don't get to see regularly. My friend, Natalie, came up with the address "The Nicolas News." I know that all of you who know her know that I would of course consult her when trying to come up with a cute, creative name! It honestly took her about 5 seconds to think of it! Anyway, it's very appropriate, because now we have a lot of news to share with our new edition, Micah! He's changing everyday and is the joy of our lives! It was a surprise to have him come early, but we're so thankful for him and that everything turned out alright! So many people have told us what a beautiful baby he is and, though we may be biased, we have to agree! He's quite a mover and is extremely strong even though he's so small! He's growing fast, which makes us very happy, because Daddy (Chris) is hoping for a football player in the future! Anyway, I'm going to try to add pictures now, so we hope you'll enjoy catching up on our news periodically!