Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hi from warm, sunny California!!

Hi! We're in California right now visiting my family with the main purpose of seeing our newest nephew, Harrison John! My sister had Harrison on Feb. 1st. He is absolutely adorable with lots of hair and beautiful skin! Anyway, we were awakened early this morning by our little one, so I decided to take advantage of the extra time and post some pictures. The bottom two were for Valentine's Day, the next two were on different nights when each of us fell asleep with Micah on the couch, and the top one is of Micah getting his breathing treatment for his RSV. He's doing great now and did PHENOMENAL on the plane!! Everyone around us were impressed with how good he was and he kept melting everyone's hearts by smiling at them! Anyway, I'll post pictures from our trip out here, hopefully sooner than later!!


Natalie said...

Ahh...I was just on fixing my Relay link...seriously, I'm having problems with that...and noticed your post! Glad you made it there Ok, and have no doubt Micah melted everyone's hearts! I love the picture with his Valentine caterpillar! So cute!

The Hudcaps said...

Micah can melt anyone's heart; smiling or not! We had the same critter but different colors on our breathing mask! Hope the trip went well. Hope you get home as easily and smoothly.